A Selection
by Pilobolus, Maurice Sendak & Arthur Yorinks

“…No less surprising, Mr. Tracy [from PILOBOLUS] says, was the gusto with which Mr. Sendak and Mr. Yorinks threw themselves into the nuts and bolts of dancemaking: We expected Maurice to write up a story, and that he and Arthur would direct and we would do the choreography. But they were interested in actually working with the dancers, having a dance company that was at their beck and call -- and the dancers were willing to do it . . ." - Terry Teachout, The New York Times

" A Selection was admirably ambitious and held the attention with its unrelieved eeriness." - Jack Anderson, The New York Times


from  The Invisible Man , written & directed by Arthur Yorinks

from The Invisible Man, written & directed by Arthur Yorinks

“Depicting tales of suffering, racism, nationalism, abuse or poverty is not a new idea. Yet there is still a large spectrum to be explored within seemingly over-used themes. The challenge of the artist is to find the appropriate medium through which to discover new questions to old problems. Arthur Yorinks found that outlet…The Invisible Man echoed much of the perspectives and methods of the 1960s and ‘70s political theater that challenged status quo thinking and shattered the boundaries between artists and audiences. With a comprehensive understanding of homelessness and the unspoken stories of defenselessness and isolation, The Invisible Man invited the audience into a concealed world, often conflating distinctions between the visible and invisible." - Nia Hyatt, The Mantle

photo by The Greene Space/WNYC

photo by The Greene Space/WNYC

Partial List of Works: 

  • 12 Angry Men - (theatrical arranger)

  • A Walk Through Slavery - (theatrical arranger)

  • The Fall of the House of Usher (writer & co-director)

  • 51st Dream State by Sekou Sundiata - (director)

  • August Wilson American Century Cycle - (audio director)

  • The Invisible Man - (writer & director)

  • It's Alive - (writer & director)

  • So, Sue Me - (writer & director)


Partial List of Written Screenplays: 

  • Usher (with Michael Powell, based on the opera by Philip Glass and Arthur Yorinks)

  • The First Day of School (based on the play commissioned by the National September 11 Memorial & Museum by Arthur Yorinks)

  • It's A Miracle


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